Spitch & Dotvocal partner for the IVR & BOT of Casa della Salute


 Milan, 23.1.2020

 Dotvocal and Spitch AG have designed one multichannel solution, including vocal IVR, bot (text and voice) and Facebook, based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (AI / NLP), able to manage an automated process of telephone booking or via bot / social media, which does not require the immediate involvement of a human agent. The joint solution has been implemented by Casa della Salute, Ligurian group operating in private health.

Dotvocal is an Italian reality, a leader in the development and integration of voice and multimodal applications, which can boast important achievements in the national and international field.

Spitch is a Swiss company with a global vocation and with an important presence in Italy, specialized in voice technologies and spoken language analysis.

Casa della Salute is a specialist outpatient clinic diagnostic, dental and physiokinesitherapic, operating through a network of nine outpatient medical centers. Present today in Genoa, Busalla, Manesseno, Albenga, Alessandria, and Biella, and in continuous expansion, Casa della Salute has decided to make use of an innovative system to reinvent your customer care through the inclusion of new channels, while ensuring their users a better customer experience.

In the face of the concrete problem of loss of calls for telephone reservations (20% on 30 thousand / month), Casa della Salute has introduced a solution jointly developed by Spitch and Dotvocal, in able to operate 24/7/365, according to the following scheme:

  • The interaction can take place through the call by telephone to an IVR assisted by voice technologies, text input or vocal on the chatbot of the site, or – for text only – on Facebook.
  • Upon receiving the call or request via BOT, the system welcomes by requesting patient details.
  • Subsequently, the type detail is requested examination and preferred structure for the provision of the service, in addition to indicating the date and time preference.
  • The Spitch AI / NLP solution interprets the answers, automatically booking the service.
  • Upon confirmation, the system provides the patient logistical and health information necessary for use of the service.

Omar Lafi, IT manager of Casa della Salute
, declares enthusiastic: “The benefits, both for our end-user that for Casa della Salute, there are many: in addition to the possibility of access to the 24/7/365 service and the reduction of the call duration, we manage to guarantee a smoother customer experience and the improvement of our processes internal, as well as to cope with the increase in booking traffic. Our contact center agent is always present and is involved in delicate situations and problems where competence is needed of the human person – for example, the opening of new patient registries. Can we so to provide a better service and to focus on the quality of our health care“.

Enrico Reboscio, CEO of Dotvocal, and Piergiorgio Vittori, Global Spitch Development Director and Country Manager Italy, UK&I: “Our partnership is based on a common concept not only technological but with a concrete desire to create the most suitable solutions together to each customer and to contribute together to the growth of innovation. Home della Salute is one of our most interesting success stories, to which we do will add more solutions soon – and not only in the medical sector!

Dotvocal and Spitch have specific and complementary skills for offering voice technology solutions that put both in common the customized design, both a joint Research and Development at the base of innovative B2B offer packages. The transversal experience of Dotvocal, based among others on its products for the integration of voice technologies, aids for the disabled and automatic interpreting is enhanced by the contribution from Spitch’s range of solutions, which includes Speech Recognition & Analytics, Semantic