Alexa devices are still popular, but the trend may change

Echo Dot and other Alexa devices continue to dominate Amazon’s sales rankings.

However, a careful reading of each Amazon press release between 2016 and today may reveal some new trends. In 2016 Amazon had stated that “Echo Dot is the best-selling and most gifted item on” and in 2017 that “Echo Dot was the best-selling product no. 1 in all categories on Amazon “. So, in 2018, there is a slight change of speech: “the best-selling Amazon devices on this holiday included the brand new Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick 4K with the brand new Alexa Voice Remote and Echo”. It was no longer referred to as the best-selling product among all Amazon products, but rather among Amazon devices.

What was communicated through Amazon’s press office in 2019 repeats what was said in 2018 concerning the best-selling Amazon devices. This means that there may have been better-selling products than Echo Dot and other Alexa devices. It was also noted this year that in the Amazon press release the ‘Prime’ and the ‘Shipping in a day’ products were more prominent and that the Alexa devices were moved to the second floor: an inversion compared to what was highlighted in the past years.