The spread of voice technologies in the United States

There are over 75 million adults in the United States who own smart speakers and 150 million who have voice assistants used on smartphones, with daily use of #Voicebot which leads to new opportunities for commercial companies to connect with their customers.
To date, the main device used is the smartphone with the related #VirtualAssistant available.
With a relative market share of 46.2%, Siri far exceeds Google Assistant at 27.7%, Alexa at 16.6%, Bixby at 6.9% and Cortana with 3.9%. These figures have remained practically unchanged since 2018 and this year will vary slightly in consideration of Microsoft’s withdrawal from Cortana.
Smart speakers instead continued their rapid rise in consumer use, with an increase of 15.2% in the first nine months of 2019 and 32.3% compared to the 12 months prior to the study (September 2019).

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