Area of usage of voice technologies in the health field

Carrying on the analysis of the use of voice technologies in the healthcare sector in the USA, let’s see what are the percentages for the main types of use:

  • 73% clarification regarding disease symptoms.
  • 9%. information requests on medicines.
  • 7% search on hospitals, clinics, or therapeutic care centers.
  • 7% different therapeutic options search.
  • 4% nutritional information search.
  • 2% search for doctors or other health professional figures.
  • 5% drugs purchase.
  • 3% appointment booking for outpatient medical services.

The use of voice technologies for the booking of medical-outpatient services is therefore still very little used at the moment and this suggests that there is still much space to make it very popular among patients, as it has been evident from the experience gained in the field from Dotvocal.
Last: more than half (52.6%) of US adults would use voice technologies on smartphones for healthcare-related activities, while 19.4% would also use them on personal computers and 17.6% on smart speakers.

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