Our Voicebot for #nonpossoparlare by Save the Woman

Since Rosella Scalone of SPX Lab asked us to be part of the project #nonpossoparlare for ‘Save the Woman’,  we have felt deeply involved in providing all our experience and our know-how in the creation of a Voicebot that could give further strength to the fight against gender-based violence.

The project is now in an advanced operational phase and will consist in the development of our Voicebot so it will be possible to install it on the sites of the anti-violence centers to allow women to be able to access information 24/7/365 and have a first contact with the organizations who fight gender-based violence daily.

Our chatbot will also allow to make up for the enforced isolation due to the coronavirus emergency, allowing women to be able to ask and receive help, without any phone call.

These are all the associations and institutions that are collaborating on the #nonpossoparlare project together with SPX Lab (Rosella Scalone, Massimiliano Margarone) and us:

Mignanego Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus- Centro Pandora (Paola Campi, Benedetta Carrosio), Agorà soc. coop. sociale (Simona Binello, Alessandra Grasso), Cooperativa Jobel – Insieme Senza Violenza of Imperia (Martina Gandolfo), Roberta Rota, Clinical pedagogist, Laura Amoretti, Equality Councilor of the Liguria Region, Costanza Pireri, Councilor for Social Services of Sanremo and Head of the Provincial Anti-violence Center of Imperia.

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