Ampioraggio Webinart: innovations and digital technologies, the tools to be known for the new challenges to face

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The Ampioraggio foundation, of which Dotvocal is proudly among the Founders, is carrying out a cycle of insights, which illustrates experiences and models to be considered real examples for the business world and the institutions.
The Ampioraggio ‘Webinarts’ provide tools to public administrators and entrepreneurs on how to make spending efficient, transforming it into a driving force for development, and to know the solutions that the world of innovation offers to make the country system more competitive, in the public administration and in private companies.
In particular, the  Webinart entitled ‘Innovations: challenging change’ will take place on 21 May at 17.30.
During the event, some crucial aspects of how to innovate business processes, from marketing to production, will also be addressed, also passing through a necessary knowledge and “trivialization” of the tools that must put the contribution margin of turnover at the center, through the reduction of obsolete costs, the development of new markets and opportunities, the generation of value in the production and commercial chain.
The digital company must increasingly become familiar with terms such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Fintech, Smart Working, etc.
In this Webinart, you will not pretend to cover all knowledge in this area, but to provide models and give directions, produce some examples and help entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, and other decision-makers to understand the usefulness and the need to start thinking about new development models, capable of bringing new and constantly updated ideas to the market.
Speakers will also include Enrico Reboscio, Founder and CEO of Dotvocal.

Here the link to register for the Webinart