High-Tech Holidays

Vacation time, a time when everyone wants to get away and relax on a beautiful beach, in a beautiful chalet in the mountains or a beautiful city of art.
So why not get the help of technology to be able to enjoy the relaxation to the fullest? Presto, here is an ever-increasing number of high-tech accommodation facilities, with large use of voice technologies.
The most futuristic example could only come from Japan, always at the forefront: the Henn Na Hotel in Nagasaki is the first hotel in the world managed by artificial intelligence, equipped with a staff made up entirely of almost 200 robots, able to speak fluently 6 languages, they can perform various tasks: from welcoming guests to transporting suitcases, from room information to tourist information.
In Las Vega, one of the most innovative accommodation facilities, the Aria Resort & Casino has more than 4,000 rooms equipped with the most advanced technologies: automatic switching of lights, temperature regulation, tablet to manage customer requests and personalized notifications on the restaurant menu.
But even in Italy, something is moving and some structures are starting to take advantage of the technological advent, with the installation of smart speakers in the rooms: in this way, guests can make requests from their room, with voice questions directly to the device: wake up in an automated world with the right temperature, lights on only in the desired rooms, and news in the morning, is about to become reality.

So Happy Holidays to all!