Here are the industries in which speech technologies are having the greatest impact

The impact that speech technologies have had in various economic sectors over the past two years has been immense. The efficiency of these technologies in reducing business costs and simplifying processes has led to the implementation of specific solutions according to the needs of different fields.

Bank and finance
A growing number of banks and financial institutions are requesting the development of chatbots as an integral part of their mobile app services.
It is increasingly common to have voicebots with which to perform various functions, such as checking account balances, obtaining transaction histories, and making payments, all this without having a lower level of security, as the voice is used as an additional biometric recognition for the user authentication.

Retail and e-commerce
While voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have empowered retail experiences, the addition of voice search functionality has simplified online shopping. All the customer needs to do now is say the product name or related search keywords to be directed to relevant products, online or offline.

Public transport companies are developing voice platforms that facilitate booking processes. Voicebots are also used to provide customers with answers regarding the best options available, transportation routes, timing, and more.

Legal Sector
Voice technologies greatly simplify routine tasks such as searching for legal records, managing e-mail, and entering data.

Health care
In addition to managing outpatient bookings, physicians can leverage voice technology to collect patient information and create and manage electronic records more easily and effectively.
It is also easier for them to access the information later, without having to go through textual searches.
Again the technology also improves the security of the records, protecting privacy with biometric control.

Human resources and marketing
The benefits of voice technology also extend to the HR sector, simplifying complex and repetitive tasks. HR professionals can rely on a voice assistant to consult multiple databases with candidate data and find specific job profiles.
Similarly, marketers can rely on voice assistants to simplify tasks like reporting and scheduling social media posts.

Another area in which the vocal revolution has recently started is education. Voice assistants could positively influence the way things are taught and learned about certain subjects. The speech recognition software could allow teachers to effectively create online lectures and video tutorials for students. Likewise, they could help students access lessons quickly and effectively.

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