Amazon and the voice assistants war

It is now a year since Amazon has published the Voice Interoperability Initiative (VII), a document in which Amazon proposed to allow coexistence of a single voice assistant on different devices so that the user can call up their favorite one on any device, simply by saying its name.
After the first group of thirty brands joined the project at the origin, Amazon has recently added Facebook, Xiaomi, Garmin, and Dolby to the ranks of brands that adhere to VII.
The new members could bring Amazon closer to the goal of ensuring that devices with voice interfaces can easily connect.
In short, Alexa started looking for roommates, but on her way, she met a lot of resistance.
The strongest competitors of Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Apple remain out of the program, and seem to actively oppose the project, and are probably ready to make other moves in the war of voice assistants.