Google’s strategies for its Voice Assistant

During the last ‘Google Assistant Developer Day’, Goggle managing director Danny Bernstein said: “We introduced the Google Assistant in 2016 to help people to do things easier … During our journey, we understand that users want more than just a voice-only digital assistant and so we expanded on this idea, imagining an ambient digital assistant that moves with you all day on all devices, understanding context and intent, ready to help you whenever you need it “
The idea of a “digital assistant that moves without you all day” suggests that the primary trend is to make use of Google Assistant more and more on the smartphone, thus extending its use to all areas.
For this, new features have been introduced for developers, App Actions, which allow users to pronounce simple voice commands to quickly access the features of the available Android apps.
App Actions debuted at Google I / O (the developer conference organized annually by Google in Mountain View) in 2019, but have so far been available on a limited basis.
Now Google has created, for the first time, 20 integrated intents for four industry verticals, including finance, transportation, food and beverage, health, and fitness.
Today, the company announced an expansion to 10 sectors and 60 integrated intentions. The new industry verticals concerned are communications, games, productivity, shopping, social, and travel.