Waiting for new investments in speech technology

In a survey conducted by Adobe on a sample of American corporate ‘decision-makers’, it appears that 91% of the companies involved have already made “significant investments in vocal technologies”, while 94% say they will increase their investments in the next year.
The survey shows that the investments are not aimed at covering single technologies and devices, but that they concern the different platforms that are on the market.
Adobe reports, for example, that 88% of respondents said they plan to develop technologies that are supported by multiple voice assistants.
22% of respondents said they have already launched a voice app, and 44% plan to do so in the future.
The report says that the most affected sector will be commerce, with the ability to allow purchases, track orders, and make repeat purchases via voice apps.
About two-thirds of survey respondents believe their voice presence will enable them to engage potential buyers of a given product or service.
Other expected benefits, in addition to revenue generation, are better user experience (71%), greater consumer engagement (65%), and more customer retention (64%).