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Are you a developer?

During the past years, characterised by hard work and countless innovative projects, Dotvocal has given birth to 4 products for developers through which it is now possible to create vocal and multimodal apps in a shorter time and with extraordinary performances in the Interaction Design.


DFriend is a framework developed by Dotvocal in partnership with the Università di Genova, which enables the contemporary use of vocal recognition technologies embedded and in cloud. Thanks to DFriend, it is now possible to utilise the ASR embedded engine to recognise commands and instructions, while the extraordinary power and efficiency of the cloud engine is used for the continuous speech transcription and for the recognition of more complex sentences.  


MultiModalBerry (MMB) lets you add the TTS and ASR functionalities to your app in a few minutes. MultiModalBerry is a framework through which it is possible to develop multimodal apps quickly and with no need to know the low-level details of the underlying technologies. You can transform a classic app into a multimodal one by writing a few lines of code and make the multimodal apps independent from the recognition and synthesis engines.


Grammar Studio (GS) is a product created to support vocal and multimodal apps developers in the development of recognition grammars:

  • In the development process through the real-time parsing, the validation and the background ambiguity analysis,
  • In the tests thanks to the use of rules and examples,
  • In the tuning process, through detailed logs of events on the recognitions, creation and usage of dump files.


Dotvocal Voice Activity Detection (DVAD) is a component thanks to which it is possible to develop apps, which do not need to use the “Push-To-Talk" (PTT) to activate the recognition engine, making the interaction with the app very simple and natural.

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