Our Clients

Our customers are companies that want to improve their Help Desk and Customer Care services, using Vocal Multichannel to make a simple and natural User Experience available.

The particularity of the vocal technologies integrated by Dotvocal© and the innovative drive of the company have allowed us to develop solutions for important customers in different sectors, providing customized products and services tailored to any customer need. Some examples are:

 the voice interface of the Magneti Marelli infotainment,  currently installed on all new Alfa Romeo model.
for the Sale Force Automation solution of Wurth Phoenix, the telephone channel for the automatic taking of orders for sellers of the Wurth Group.
 Vocal Multichannel for automated reservations of the health care services provided by Casa della Salute.
 the automated routing of Eni‘s internal Help Desk.
for Lancia FCA the first Community Car in the world.