Our products

Voice technologies are essentially crosswise tools used in any technological field.

Throughout experience over the years, Dotvocal© has designed and developed products in completely different sectors, each time personalizing the integration of voice technologies basing its work on the real needs of the customer and of the project.

This peculiarity is still an important part of the Company’s activity and its proposal on the market. At the same time, however, engaging in many different projects and very distant areas has allowed us to identify two particularly interesting product areas in which the market is soaring day by day.

It is from this path that the two products that Dotvocal©  currently offers on the market were born.

Vocal Multichannel

Adapts to the needs of our Clients in a very short time,
so to help them in their communication with their Customers.

Speech Analytics Suite

It allows an analysis of the audio files of the Call and Contact Centers, otherwise impossible with only human resources.