Speech Analytics Suite

The Speech Analitycs Suite is the solution entirely developed by Dotvocal© able to perform the automatic transcription of the telephone recordings produced by Call and Contact Centers.
The platform provides a specific web dashboard, where the customer can view the transcription and possibly listen to the corresponding audio file.
Customers can upload audio files to an SFTP server provided by Dotvocal.
Alternatively, the platform may be provided on-premise on servers made available by the customer.

workflow speech analytics - ENG

It is possible to carry out quality checks based on the customer’s needs, for example:

– search for the presence of positive words;
– check for the absence of negative words;
– presence of mandatory formulas.

The platform is fully customizable and allows multiple accesses with profiles and with dedicated permits.
The transcription of the audio file can be compared with the corresponding scripting file, to obtain a real correspondence check on each of the processed recordings.
In case of conclusion of contracts, thanks to the platform many parameters can be easily monitored in compliance with the Device of art. 51 of the Italian Consumer Code. Some examples:

– violation of legal compliance;
– detection of the correct sequence of procedures;
acceptance of the terms and conditions by the Customers.

Through the Dashboard, it is possible to search for the recordings and order them based on some characteristics.
It is possible to customize the interface based on quality control thresholds or process progress, to have a general view of the data status.
It is possible to insert workflows that allow the adoption of corporate monitoring, control and approval procedures.