Vocal Multichannel

Vocal Multichannel is the integrated solution developed by Dotvocal© which makes possible a single User Experience using very different channels:

the traditional telephone channel;
the voicebot on an institutional website or a dedicated web page;
social channels that allow it, such as  Facebook, Telegram and Whatsapp.

The figure below summarizes the architecture of the solution, unique on the national market, developed entirely by Dotvocal©.

The main purpose of Vocal Multichannel is to automate as many responses as possible, leaving Operators to deal only with more complex cases. In this way, the Company’s resources are involved only in the processes in which their preparation and qualification are a real added-value.

All channels converge in a single point, Business Logic, which allows integration with your company’s database, thanks to which it is possible to exchange even very complex and structured information with your customers.
This feature also allows you to monitor in real-time the flow of information that the company exchanges with customers and to generate statistics and reports of high cognitive value, without any effort to integrate different data sources.

The solution is modular and allows to adopt even only a part of the channels offered.