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About us

Dotvocal is a limited liability company founded in March 2004 thanks to the contribution of the High Technology incubator of Sviluppo Italia Liguria, in which it has been hosted until January 2006. At present, the headquarter is located in the old town centre of Genoa in a proprietary office which has been included in the list of the Palazzi dei Rolli, UNESCO Human Heritage. The main activity of Dotvocal is the development of vocal and multimodal apps, in which the company can be proud of the most important realisations in the national and international market.
The peculiar transversality of vocal technologies has allowed Dotvocal to develop different solutions for Clients with different needs. Some examples are: in the automotive environment, it has developed the vocal interface of Magneti Marelli’s infotainment platform, which is adopted on the new models of Alfa Romeo; in the world of linguistic translations, it manages the Eurostreet’s telephonic portal for interpreting in 105 different languages; in the world of logistics, it manages the automatic telephonic portal for the procedure ending management of the truck drivers of S.T.S., Society operating in the Transportation and Logistics field.
Dotvocal has also developed and commercialized an innovative product in the field of handicapped people aid, a software called Jay, which lets the Users make use of the PC and Web contents by using simple vocal commands.
Dotvocal integrates the main market player’s technologies in the field of vocal technologies, by using four products developed internally, thanks to which it obtains high performances in a particularly short delivery time. The four products are: DFriend, is a framework which enables the contemporary use of vocal recognition technologies embedded and in cloud; MultiModalBerry (MMB), a framework through which it is possible to develop multimodal apps quickly; Grammar Studio (GS), a product for the development, the testing and the tuning of recognition grammars; DotVocal Voice Activity Detection (DVAD), is a component thanks to which it is possible to develop apps, which do not need to use the “Push-To-Talk" (PTT) to activate the recognition engine, making the interaction with app very simple and natural.
From the day it was born, Dotvocal has kept on maturing experience and has been cooperating with many Companies leaders in various IT sectors, by giving them its professional consultation in numerous big and complex projects. Dotvocal has also been developing professional relationships with highly qualified Partners, who have benefited from Dotvocal promotion among its Clients.