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Multichannel contests

Dotvocal, in partnership with Instant S.r.l., proposes the widest range of platforms for the management of contests and sweepstakes on the Italian market. According to the reference target, it is possible to activate the contests on one of the following platforms:

  • SMS platform
  • Telephonic platform with speech recognition
  • Web platform for PC, tablet and smartphone

SMS Platform

The participants send a SMS with a default syntax and they can either receive an immediate reply about the potential win (real time contest), or they can be registered to participate to the sweepsteak, which will take place afterwards.

Telephonic Platform with vocal recognition

The participants call a telephonic number dedicated to the normal pricing without additional charges. The vocal app recognises the User’s replies and interacts directly either through a very high-level vocal synthesis, or by files pre-recorded by actors.

Web Platform for PC, tablet and smartphone

The participants interact through the dedicated website, which adapts itself to the visualisation device. The participants could also be given a QR code in order to facilitate all those who connect through smartphone.

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