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The multimodality represents the natural evolution of the Interaction Design. Thanks to the employment of the voice, it expands the traditional apps’ potentialities. It lets the User choose how to interact with the app according to his/her personal preferences, the environment, the privacy perception and the activity. The Interaction design of the app is thought to combine the voice with the keyboard, the mouse, the touch screen or any other traditional I/O method.

Case History

Magneti Marelli

Dotvocal has developed the multimodal app in 16 languages for the new Alfa Romeo models. The app allows the passenger to interact with the radio, the telephone, the multimedia content and the navigator, by using indifferently either the rotary or the vocal commands.


Jay is a product for blind men/women and visually handicapped people entirely developed by Dotvocal. Jay reads docs and Internet pages and lets the User search docs and files on his PC and use Google to make researches on the net thanks to the sole aid of the voice.

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