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Vocal solutions for HR Department

Vocal Management of Presences at work

Managing the presence at work of the Resources with a simple phone is now possible with a simple telephone. The solution is able to support the smart working management. The system interconnects with the main products for the Presence at work and the payroll.

Telephonic Availability Management

Many companies must cope with the telephonic availability of the resources incessantly rotating their work shift. The system generates automatically a vocal app, which allows to locate the selected Resource according to the assigned task and to the roster. As a consequence, the internal or external Client is put into telephonic contact with the selected person according to task and roster.

Telephonic interpreting supporting foreign resources

Many big Companies employ resources dislocated in many different countries and during business trips, the support of an interpreter can be very useful especially in critical situations. The telephonic system is able to put into contact the User with an interpreter of the selected language in a few minutes.

Linguistic knowledge evaluation

The employment of the latest vocal recognition technologies enabled Dotvocal to develop a new method for a better evaluation of the linguistic competences. The system asks the User to complete a series of linguistic tests, which will evaluate his/her comprehension and production level of one of the 52 available languages.

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